About GA Investment Group

GA Investment Group is a multifaceted investment firm that oversees both public and private equity. It boasts a diverse portfolio of businesses and is committed to enhancing the wealth of its investors through sustained growth and preservation.

Our Mission

GA Investment Group’s mission is to assist their investors in maximizing the potential of their investment portfolio through advanced tactics, all while safeguarding their assets. The company engages in a broad range of industries, including real estate development, private lending, financial education, mortgages and insurance. They hold their investor’s in high regard and adopt a customer-focused approach to their business. Their client’s aspirations are their priorities. As fiduciaries, they rigorously adhere to legal and ethical standards within the industry to guarantee their investor’s superior service experience and exceptional returns.

Meet The Founder

Nathaniel Gardner

Nathaniel Gardner, the Founder and Chairman of GA Investment Group, is a highly regarded entrepreneur who embodies the philosophy “each one, teach one”. This has not only catapulted his business success, but is the source of his many philanthropic initiatives. He remains firmly committed to creating wealth for investors. Nathaniel stands for financial education, and is on a mission to help others become financially independent, ensuring they can live a fulfilling life sooner than the typical retirement age.

After earning an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus in finance from Brock University, Nathaniel spent three years in Corporate Finance, where he was responsible for managing a commercial annual budget of more than $30 million at a major crown corporation. As he made the transition from school to corporate life, he also made his first investment in a rental property. Within a few years, Nathaniel’s investment portfolio had grown to seven figures, with annual gross revenues of over $350,000. This success allowed him to retire from his role as a Senior Financial Analyst and focus on running multiple successful businesses under the GA Investment Group.

Today, Nathaniel has completed more than 200 real estate transactions and has generated over a million dollars in returns for his investors. In addition to his work with GA Investment Group, he also serves on various boards across Ontario, Canada.

Nathaniel Gardner
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